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Borobudur temple is the most magnificent Buddhist monument and the largest stupa complex in the world that is recognized by UNESCO. Borobudur Temple as a whole becomes a masterpiece gallery of stone carvers. Others

Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave is a cave formed by karst with underground river. Cave Tubing designed that you will float down into the cave.



Kalibiru now has become one of the most interesting tourist destination in Yogyakarta.

Stage Dance Drama

The art of dance is an art that uses rhythmic body movements performed in a specific place and time for the purpose of expressing feelings, intentions and thoughts. The dance is a combination of several elements of the body, rhythm and flavor.

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Learning to Make Batik art work.
Batik is a art in culture that has long developed and known by the people of Indonesia. The word batik has some sense. According Hamzuri in his book Classical Batik, batik sense is a way to provide decoration on cloth by covering certain parts using barriers. Substances commonly used barrier which is wax or a "night" .kain already drawn using "night" then given color by pencelupan.setelah the "night" is removed by boiling the fabric. Finally produced a piece of fabric called batik in the form of a variety of motives that have special properties.

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Dance Art Contest

A culture that must be guarded and preserved. How to do it? is to guide and provide education for the children. The dance contest is a good activity, with a dance contest them yourself with the ancestral cultural heritage.

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Alms Sea in Parangtritis Beach
Alms sea is part of ritual "religious" at the time that remains until now within the scope of the survival of fishermen. Ritual sea alms very thick felt in the southern Turkish region of Java, especially Java.
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Friendly Locals

Friendly locals with others making the city of Yogyakarta is so favored. mutual respect and help add to the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta.

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Sosrowijayan, Tourist Village in Yogyakarta City Center
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